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There are several Georges in my family, including my father. I thought it would be fun to explore some like-named, pop-culture Georges. As I grouped them together, it made me wonder what it would it be like if this eclectic bunch hung out in real life? Would they naturally “click” or get on each other’s nerves. Would they feel connected in some way because they share a common name, or would they focus more on their differences? Have you ever felt connected to someone who shares the same name as you?


Set includes: George W Bush, George Lucas, George Foreman, George Michael, Boy George, George Clooney, George Costanza, & George Washington.


  • 3-color reduction prints
  • Oil based ink on Stonehenge paper

  • 2.5"x 3" prints, matted and framed in a black frame measuring 5.5"x 7"

  • Each print in the set is part of a limited edition, comes with a certificate of authenticity, and is signed and numbered on the back.

  • Because these prints are handmade one at a time, each is considered an original and will have slight variations within the edition.

  • Shipping costs not included

Gorgeous Georges complete framed set of 8

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